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Colin Hill | 31 Dec 2018 | Advice

Add Value to Your Home Over the Holidays

Colin Hill | 31 Dec 2018 | Advice

Add Value to Your Home Over the Holidays

Add Value to Your Home Over the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, a number of us have a couple of well-earned weeks off. While this is a time to relax and spend time with friends and family, for those looking to sell their house early next year, this is the perfect time to embark on a few DIY projects. By spending a few days tidying up the gardens, repainting the walls or renovating the bathroom you may be able to increase its resale value.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a DIY master, there is still a lot you can do these holidays to improve the attractiveness of your home. Below we outline some of the easy tasks you can do over the next few weeks.

Tidy up the front yard

First impressions are everything when popping your house on the market, and, those first impressions are generated from the moment interested buyers jump out of their car.

When selling your home, curb appeal is massive. Potential buyers are looking for a home that looks inviting, friendly and clean. So, what image is your front yard displaying?

If you want to impress potential buyers from the moment they jump out of the car, make sure the garden is in a fairly good condition, there are no overgrown trees or bushes, the grass doesn’t resemble a swamp and the first porch/ front door area is nice and tidy. A quality first impression will do wonders for igniting a spark within potential buyers.

Throw on another coat of paint

How’s the paint looking? Over the next few weeks take a second to inspect the state of the house paint, both inside and out. Even though it may not seem like a make or break issue, prospective buyers will still take this into account.

It may not require a completely new coat, but if there are certain sections that look like they could do with a touch-up, this is definitely something you can do.

Replace the small features

When prospective buyers inspect a house, they may fall in love with the feel and overall atmosphere of the house, but it’s the small features that will determine if they are wooed into action.

Look around your house and see if there are any small features that can be touched up or customised. Are your bathroom taps looking a bit outdated? Do the light fixtures need to be replaced? Or, is the floor in need of a polish or clean?

These small little features are your opportunity to add a bit of personality to the house. So whether you modernise the bathroom taps or install LED lights, this little touches will do wonders for the value.

Clean the gutters

A massive part of the curb appeal of your house will be the state of your gutters. If they are looking a little overgrown, the next few weeks are ideal for getting the ladder out and getting stuck in.

Apart from being ugly, clogged gutters are also a safety hazard, which is a massive no-no when selling a home. Chances are a large portion of interested buyers will either be families or investors who will be seeking family tenants. Thus, it is vital you do everything you can to minimise any potential hazard that may cause this segment to be turned off.

Take nice photos

Once you’ve taken the time and given your house a little bit of TLC, these summer months are the perfect time to take some nice photos of the house.

The interest generated in your house will largely be dependant upon the images you decide to post. As we know, Auckland winters are notoriously bad, which is not ideal for those looking to take photos of their house.

However, as the sun reigns supreme over the next few months this is the perfect time to take those perfect photos. Whether you take them yourself or hire a professional, don’t waste this opportunity.


The holidays are a perfect time to get stuck into that list of DIY projects that have been mounting over the winter months. If you take the time to tick a few things off this tasks it could do wonders for increasing the attention and, hopefully, offers in the New Year.

If you have any question regarding selling your house, get in touch today and we will b able to answer any question you may have.




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