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Bad Credit Loan


Bad Credit Loan

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The Mortgage Supply - Giving you a second chance on your mortgage.

Bad credit doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of owning a home. The banks may think you’re a risk, but we understand it’s more likely you’ve just had a few unexpected events thrown your way.

At The Mortgage Supply, we don’t give up at no. We believe everyone should achieve what they’ve worked hard for so we exhaust every possible avenue to get you there. If you’ve had trouble borrowing money because of your poor credit, get in touch and we’ll give you a second chance at getting you a mortgage.


Why was my mortgage rejected?

Each lending institution will have their own criteria for you to satisfy. You may have been rejected for a number of reasons including: low salary, poor credit history, too many active loans or credit cards, or even mistakes on your application.

We can get to the bottom of your rejected application and offer sound advice to polish up your finances and improve your borrowing profile.

Why Choose The Mortgage Supply for bad credit loans?

We’re all familiar with saying ‘when one door closes, another one opens’. Fortunately, at The Mortgage Supply, we have a lot of doors to choose from. We work with New Zealand’s leading financial institutions giving us more options to get your YES!

Countless rejection could get tiring, so we take care of all the shopping around for your mortgage leaving you the time to shop around for your new home.

We’re not just a mortgage brokerage. Our professional advisers specialise in their field so you can rest assured this is not the first time they’ve worked with bad credit and rejected applications.

Not only do we turn over hundreds of rejected applications, we also find the most competitive rates on your mortgage.

Our friendly advisers are passionate about giving you a second chance at your mortgage and helping you through this sensitive time.

Don’t give up, contact OUR Team now!

[email protected]
Ph 09 834 8682

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