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Sally Eustace | 20 Dec 2017 | Uncategorized

Designer Home on a Shoestring Budget

Sally Eustace | 20 Dec 2017 | Uncategorized

Designer Home on a Shoestring Budget

Designer Home on a Shoestring Budget

A designer home does not need to cost you dinner for the next three months. There are many creative ways to freshen up your home and add value. Fortunately, the internet is abundant with how to videos and creative, bespoke ideas –  it just takes a little time and lots of creativity. Here are eight ways to provoke a little home envy at minimal costs.

Buy overseas

A luxurious Balinese rug in an Auckland store will cost you the EasyJet fare there. When you are next overseas, look for unique items that can be shipped to New Zealand for a fraction of the price of buying it locally.


A fresh lick of paint can brighten any shabby room. Paint can be an inexpensive way to add value to your home by making rooms appear light and modern. Large tubs of white paint can be mixed with tester colours to get you the perfect colour match, and save you a few cents. Feature walls may not be to everyone’s preference but they add impact at minimal costs. Painting does not have to be a professional job. If you are a first-timer, start with the neutral colours in the spare room and build up your skill and confidence.


Buying the ‘antique look’ is five times the price of a brand-new cabinet. Fortunately, you can recreate it yourself with a sander and some paint. The internet is full of handy DIY advice and visuals to get your creative juices flowing. Pick up cheap, second-hand furniture on TradeMe and try your hand at painting and upholstering.

Wooden pallets have found their way into homes and converted into coffee tables, hanging baskets and even bed frames. Think outside the box and check out sites such as Pinterest for inspiration.


You will be amazed at how fresh and modern your house is under the piles of books and shelf clutter that serves no purpose. Spend the weekend separating the necessities from the hoarding. Sell what you don’t need on TradeMe and use the money to buy some storage units to neatly file the items you can’t part with.


If your pennies and your paint tin won’t stretch to all four walls, paint a feature wall to add depth to a room. If you can’t afford a new rug, purchase a large piece of carpet and have the edges bound. Old and worn sofas can be brought to life with a large throw, and budget printed material stretched over canvas can also make a great alternative to expensive wall art.

Build your own

Building work does not have to be left to the professionals. You can pick up inexpensive flatpacks from most DIY stores. If the finish is not to your liking, they can be stripped back, painted or glossed.

Don’t judge the label

Do not underestimate budget stores for great accessories. Stores like the Warehouse and Kmart replicate designer items at a fraction of the price. Invest in an expensive feature cushion then bulk up the sofa with $15 budget items.

Op shops and antique furniture fairs are also a great opportunity to pick up unique items at low costs.

Take a double look

Walk around your house and look for broken or unsightly items that you have grown to ignore. Replacing broken handles or missing lampshades will instantly give the room a new lease of light. Once you start taking care of the smaller details, you will feel more inspired to continue.

For more great advice about homes, mortgages and finding the right property, check out our blog page at The Mortgage Supply. If budget decorating isn’t your thing, why don’t you give us a call and see how we can help you save on your mortgage in time for the new Matisse collection.


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