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Colin Hill | 13 Jun 2018 | Uncategorized

Fast Track the Sale Process with These Marketing Tips

Colin Hill | 13 Jun 2018 | Uncategorized

Fast Track the Sale Process with These Marketing Tips

Fast Track the Sale Process with These Marketing Tips

Selling your house is a bold decision. Whether it’s your family home where memories have been made or moving on from an investment, selling your house can be a tricky and often emotional process.

One of the most important aspects of this process is your ability to generate interest in the property. Ideally leading to a nice little bidding war; ultimately resulting in a positive return on your investment.

The best way to drum up interest in your house is to have a comprehensive advertising campaign that highlights the attractive features and key selling points. Unsure of where to start? Below are a few tips that will help get you on the right path.

Online presence

When you first bought the house, how did you find out about it? In today’s digital world, much like other purchasing decisions, most buyers will initially investigate the housing market online. Meaning, it’s important to have a solid presence on commonly used real estate platforms.

Nowadays, there are countless websites and digital platforms where houses are advertised. Not only does every real estate agent have their own website but there are also third-party sites, such as TradeMe Property.

Whether you decide to sell privately or through an agent, a quality online presence is a must. So make sure, any advertising campaign revolves around a solid online presence.

Great images

High-quality images of your house go hand-in-hand with your online presence. As the first encounter with your property will generally be seen on the web, in a real estate magazine or while window shopping, skimping out on quality images, should not be an option.

First impressions are everything, the images of your house will go a long way to determining how much interest your property generates. Putting down the iPhone and paying for a professional photographer is a wise investment.

Paying for a professional to take photos of your house could do wonders. They will understand how to make the most out of the lighting and layout. You never know, these images could result in someone falling in love with the house.

Street signage  

Call us old-fashioned but there is still a place for a good old ‘For sale’ sign on your front lawn. In this digital landscape of ours, there are still a number of benefits to having physical signage bring attention to the fact your property is for sale.

For people actively hunting, it will make it easy to find the house they are doing a ‘drive-by’ inspection. It is also a wonderful tool to spark the interest of people who aren’t actively looking but are open to the idea of entering the property market. This might be the catalyst that leads to them investigating the property even more and becoming prospective buyers.

Housing viewings

Arguably, the best advertising tool in your arsenal is holding an open home. Although high-quality images can do wonders for sparking initial interest in a house, nothing quite beats actually walking through a house.

Giving prospective buyers the ability to actually view and feel the property and imagine themselves living there, will bring the serious buyers to the fore.

Hire an agent

With platforms such as TradeMe Property and the general DIY attitude of most Kiwi’s, private sales are increasingly attractive. However, there is no better tool then having an experienced professional in your corner helping you navigate this often confusing process.

Not only will real estate agents be able to manage all of the legal and regulatory procedures but they will also be able to design a comprehensive advertising campaign. A committed and enthusiastic real estate agent will be able to spread the word of your property through a specialised campaign. Hopefully, leading to a lot of interest in the property and ideally a nice little return on your investment.  

However, be aware of the additional costs that may come with having a real estate agent design and manage your advertising. Make sure you understand every element and the costs associated before you agree to anything.

Advertising your home, is not essential, however, to generate maximum interest and speed up the process it is wise. Like other aspects of the selling process, there may be additional expenses but consider these as investments rather than costs. Like most things, the more you put in, the better the result.

If you would like to discuss anything regarding selling a property or anything related to the housing market, please contact us today for some free and friendly advice.




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