Carl Mann


Carl Mann


“I aim to provide the best possible solutions for all my clients through superior service, quality, and commitment.”

Carl Mann has been in the mortgage and lending industry for over 28 years. In that time, he has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of what clients want and how to make that possible – from their first home to a portfolio of investment properties.

Over the past eight years Carl has been a mobile mortgage manager, helping hundreds of clients achieve their dream of their first home or their goal of buying their first rental property.

Carl is based in the greater Wellington area, where he has an extensive network and intimate knowledge of the housing market.




What Can I Do for You Today?



Let us take some of the stress and uncertainty out of searching for your first home. We’ll take care of the home loan hunt – you find the house; we can help you through the door.



Need more room for the family? Downsizing after the kids have gone? Renovating your current home? All these are great times to evaluate your mortgage. As your life changes, we can ensure your mortgage keeps up.



Whether you’re a new investor or looking to expand your portfolio, we can help you work around lending restrictions to build the perfect strategy and get the most out of your investment.


What My Clients Say


“Carl has been a great help to the both of us taking the stress away from the whole buying process from the start to the finish. In our initial meeting with Carl he set out what we could realistically borrow and any other hidden costs that banks didn’t advertise. By doing this it made the finding stage very easy as we knew our limits and stuck to them.

As this was our first home, Carl gave little pointers in what to look for when going to open homes and we found this very useful as it made us more aware of what to look for in and around the houses. Carl’s company also took care of other insurances such as life insurance. They explained why this is very important and the consequences of not having it which we appreciate now that we have bought a home.

During the negotiation process, Carl gave us advice on what standard special conditions buyers should put down and even once we were the successful bid, Carl always was in contact following up with us to ensure everything was ok and if he could do anything for us. Communication and reassurance is what we found very helpful and Carl demonstrated these not only on settlement day making sure all was in order, but also once we had moved in, he wanted to know if we were all settled in well and if we ever needed anything, he was happy to help out.

All in all, without Carl, we feel this process would have been very stressful and we appreciate the work Carl and his company did for us as it meant one less thing to worry about. I would absolutely recommend Carl and his services to anyone looking at buying a house whether it is your first home or not.”

Sumukh Paranjpe– Wellington


“I recently used Carl for a larger residential purchase. It required security over five different properties, which called for registered valuations and insurance certificates etc. In the process two banks said no, but in the end Carl negotiated excellent interest rates down even further and secured $3750 towards professional fees. The deal provides me with outstanding cashflow, but it couldn’t have happened without him, and his service cost me nothing. I’m definitely recommending him to friends in the market.”

Dean Jackson – Wellington


“My partner and I purchased an apartment in Wellington CBD, which had its challenges due to the bank in question’s leading restrictions on the size of apartment we were after, and with a few other logistical issues to work through. I was put in touch with Carl Mann by a contact of ours, and that turned out to be one the best referrals I have ever had. Carl worked through each hurdle with us with loads of patience, good humour, and communicated really clearly in a logical, easy to understand manner the whole way through. He honestly made the process that much easier for us. We were really impressed with his professionalism and cool, calm, can-do attitude. Thanks so much Carl – we can’t speak highly enough of you! ”

Martyn and Stephanie – Wellington


“Carl has been nothing short of legendary facilitating the purchase of our first home. He guided us through the information gathering process with clear instruction and fast response times to our many queries. However, the service that impressed us the most, was the creative solutioning that Carl provided. He offered knowledge and guidance in areas we had no idea we needed knowledge and guidance on! He absolutely exceeded our expectations and whatever we threw at him (and we threw a lot of curveballs!), nothing was too much for Carl to investigate and problem solve with us. We will be forever grateful for his professional but personable services. ”

Luke and Kate – Wellington


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