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Colin Hill | 13 Nov 2018 | Advice

When You Know, You Know: Have You Found Your Dream Home?

Colin Hill | 13 Nov 2018 | Advice

When You Know, You Know: Have You Found Your Dream Home?

When You Know, You Know: Have You Found Your Dream Home?

Getting into the property game can be a bit of a scary thing, and, it’s only natural to harbour a few fears or be hesitant about committing to a house. However, if you have discovered a house that you know is perfect, don’t let these fears hold you back.

The big question is, how do you know when you’ve found the right house for you and your family? It may sound cliche but it’s true, you’ll know as soon as you lay eyes on the house or step foot inside.

Your first impression

While people say, don’t judge a book by its covers, that is exactly what you will do everytime you go to look at a house. It is human nature, we will start judging the house the moment we park outside and start walking down the driveway.

The feeling you get when you first see the house will shape how you see the rest of the house. If your first impression gets you excited to discover the rest, this is a good sign.

It feels rights

Within the first five seconds of stepping through the front door, you will know whether this is the house. If you instantly get a warm, homely feeling that makes you want to start exploring the rest of the house, chances are you have found the one.

You love the bathroom

How you feel about the bathroom, will tell you a lot about whether the house is right for you. Some buyers tend to get a little uncomfortable around the bathroom. However, with the bathroom being one of the most important rooms in the entire house, your opinion will tell you a lot.

Do you check it out from the doorway and give it a once over? Or, do you walk in and embrace the double vanity or large shower? For many prospective buyers, this can be a make or break room, so if you love the space, that is a big step forward.

You overlook small issues

Not every house is going to be perfect. In most cases, there will be a few issues or things that need to be fixed. However, if you find yourself defending or justifying some of those issues to others, you have already fallen in love.

You’re envisioning setting up

If you are walking around imagining painting the walls a certain colour, how you are going to position your bed or building a deck out back, submit your offer. Whether it is on your first visit or a final inspection, if you find yourself starting to picture how you are going to set up the house, it’s clear you want to make it your home.

All your basic needs are meet

We all want to find the perfect home that ticks all the boxes. For many prospective buyers, we want a pool, harbour views, a great entertaining space and double garage. However, these are luxuries, and may not be realistic.

While these are nice add-ons, and if available, another reason to fall in love, they are not essentials. Reevaluate what you are looking for, shorten this list to only the ‘must haves’. Once you find a house that meets those needs, don’t wait and hope to find all those extra luxuries.

Remember, many of those additional features can be added in time. So concentrate on finding a house that has enough space for your future needs, will keep you warm in winter and is in a desirable location.

You’re not interested in other houses

A massive sign that you’ve found the one, is that you no longer want to inspect or consider other options. Your shortlist is no longer appealing, all you can think of is the one house and you start comparing all others to that one.

This is a very strong sign that you’ve found the perfect home. Especially if other houses you previously liked, are no longer attractive and there is a clear gap at the top of your wish list.

Everything is pointing to buying the house

When you are looking to enter the property market, one of the biggest pitfalls is getting too emotionally attached to a house. However, if you find yourself getting attached and your gut is telling you to buy the house, you can’t really ignore it.

Although, make sure you are also realistic about the prospects of buying the house. Before you get your hopes up or let your emotions talk you into something your wallet can’t live up too, be sure you are able to commit to the purchase. While this may rule out a house or two, it’s better than over-committing yourself and running into trouble.

While the process of trying to find your ‘dream’ home can be tough, it is also very exciting. This is your chance to secure your own slice of the Kiwi dream. It may take a number of inspections and the process could drag on for a long time, but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you first lay eyes on or step foot in the house you know is right for you.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or seasoned investor, we are able to help you take the next step in your journey. Get in touch today and we will be more than happy to provide all the relevant advance and latest property market news.




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