Nothing wrong with a mortgage moment – it’s one of life’s big ones.

How can we help you?

No matter whether you’re buying your first home, moving up or down the property ladder, managing your property portfolio, or refixing your mortgage, we at The Mortgage Supply Co can help. Our experienced mortgage brokers provide individualised advice targeted to your needs. We handle every step of your application, saving you hassle, and we can save you money by shopping around and getting the best loan for you. And even better, our expert advice to you is free.


Getting your foot in
the perfect door

Buying your first home is a big step, but we’re here to hold your hand. We’ll give you support and guidance, deal with the banks and lenders, and let you focus on finding the right home.


Keeping your mortgage
working for you

Lenders change, rates change, you change. Making sure your home loan keeps up with these changes can save you plenty. We can get you a great deal no matter what position you’re in.


Keeping pace with change

If you’re planning to move up or down the property ladder it’s a great time to review your mortgage. We can make sure your current provider will meet your needs and offer alternatives as you look to make a change.


Increasing your portfolio, not your stress levels

Whether you’re trading property or building a hold portfolio, we can find you a lending strategy to match your investment strategy – no stress, more property.


Sorting money problems
before they get overwhelming

Keeping your head in the sand won’t make financial issues disappear.
The sooner you act, the easier dealing with it will be. We help with finding
the best solution for you – so don’t get desperate, get in touch with us.

Mortgages in a Minute


Mortgage Supply Blog

The 8 Things that are Devaluing Your Property

Sally Eustace | 19 Apr 2018 | Advice

Obviously, we all want to make a tidy little return when selling our home. However, there are a number of factors which may hurt the attractiveness of your house to potential buyers. Here are 8 issues to watch out for,[...]
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Falgun Patel

    "As a Mortgage adviser, my goal is to deliver a needs-based financial solution for my clients, and to ensure that we secure the best possible mortgage for their lifestyle and family, all the while providing expert support and advice."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Stuart Wills

    "I provide my clients with commonsense advice and a straightforward approach. I cut through the jargon so my clients understand exactly what their options are."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Clive Brumby

    "I pride myself in helping families into homes, and giving good financial advice to help now and in the future."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    David Hart

    "My passion is to satisfy my clients' financial goals and I can do this by finding the right solution for your particular situation. My experience as a financial adviser, and also as past CEO of Loan Market financial business in NZ, means I have respected relationships with all the lenders on our panel."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Robyn Johnston

    "I take you through the whole process from getting the application prepared to settlement, hassle free."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Carl Mann

    "I aim to provide the best possible solutions for all my clients through superior service, quality, and commitment."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    David Windler

    "A home loan is likely to be the biggest personal finance decision people make and it can be daunting. We help people make the right choice, take the stress out, and deliver great outcomes."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Shafeel Aktar

    "The only way to truly tailor a financial package to suit the dynamic needs of my clients is to offer solutions from more than just the one bank!"
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Roshni Patel

    Registered Financial Adviser
    "I believe that to give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity"
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Jenny Campbell

    Director and CEO
    "We believe it is a privilege to help Kiwis achieve their home ownership dreams, and we work hard to ensure that fellow New Zealanders get the best possible experience and outcome."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Sam Burnett

    "Every client is unique, and their needs are different. I love working with people to help them get the best mortgage and structure for their individual requirements."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Colin Hill

    "I use my experience to find the best solution to suit my clients’ needs. I take the stress out and make it easy."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Gaza Bhai

    "No matter what your situation, let my experience deliver the right solution."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Jessica Pronk

    "My biggest strength is working with people. It’s about sitting down with customers and listening to their goals to understand everything they want to do."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Sally Eustace

    "As a property investor I know how important it is to have the right funding solution available on time to make the purchase happen."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Tenzin Choedon

    Registered Financial Adviser
    "I enjoy helping people. I am a great listener and can wrap my head around complex situations to get the best outcome for my clients."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Kirsty Jordan

    "I ensure each step of the process is dealt with promptly and efficiently."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Neil Carrie

    Relationship manager
    "I have a high level of attention to detail that will help us get it right the first time and influence positive outcomes."
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Erica Wills

    Office manager
    "I’m the boss in this business, or at least that’s what I tell the boys"
  • The Mortgage Supply Team

    Peter Feau

    Registered Financial Adviser
    "Listening is my principle attribute. I will work hard and build trust to relieve the stress by managing all paperwork and communications with lenders and solicitors, ensuring the best solution for my customers."

What Our Clients Say

“This is just a note to thank you personally and Mortgage Supply Co for looking after my funding needs. I am impressed with the level of professionalism, one-on-one communication and results caused by using your services. Your candid never fail attitude gives me the confidence that I can achieve my goals as I am backed by your contributions. Anyone out there looking for NZ home loans needs to seriously consider David and the team as they will make the difference to your success.”

Colin – Ellerslie, Auckland

“After being told by the biggest Mortgage brokers chain in NZ that they would be unable to help us get finance, we spoke with Dave. He was great to deal with and also very friendly. Within a week Dave had mortgage approvals for us through two 1st tier lenders, and was able to negotiate great reductions in rates and associated fees. Due to the time and effort put in by Dave and his staff we now have a house we love and are looking forward to raising our two little girls there”

Steve and Mel – Auckland

“I strongly recommend David to anyone who’s looking for a top mortgage broker. Bottom line he gets you the financing you need. The bonus perks are that he’s a really nice guy, so the process is really smooth and enjoyable. It is even more enjoyable when you see the fantastic deals he gets you from an assortment of financial institutions. To sum up Dave’s services in four words: No stress, total success.”

Eddie – Auckland

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