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How much deposit do I need for an investment property?

How much deposit do I need for an investment property?

The deposit required for an investment property is typically 35% as New Zealand banks are currently restricted by Reserve Bank rules. However, various non-bank alternatives exist to aid with a smaller deposit. It’s worth noting that the deposit doesn’t necessarily have to be in cash; many investors leverage existing equity from property that they currently own. Your Mortgage Supply Co adviser can provide further guidance on this matter and more.

How much can I borrow? 

How much can I borrow? 

The amount you can borrow for an investment property depends on various factors such as your income, expenses, credit history, and the property’s value. Lenders typically assess your borrowing capacity based on these factors to determine the maximum loan amount you qualify for. Your Mortgage Supply Co adviser will guide you through this process and provide advice to ensure you put your best foot forward. 

Is it a good time to invest?

Is it a good time to invest?

Deciding whether it’s a good time to invest in property depends on market conditions, your financial situation, and your investment goals. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consult with professionals like your Mortgage Supply Co adviser and real estate experts to make an informed decision.

How do I take out equity?

How do I take out equity?

You can take out equity from your investment property by refinancing your mortgage or applying for a home equity loan or line of credit. Your Mortgage Supply Co adviser will assess your individual financial situation and discuss which option will allow you to leverage the increased value of the property to access funds for other investments or expenses.

What do I need to consider when purchasing a rental property?

What do I need to consider when purchasing a rental property?

When purchasing a rental property, factors to consider include location, property condition, rental demand, potential rental income, expenses (such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance), financing options, and your long-term investment strategy. Conducting thorough due diligence and seeking professional adviser can help you make a sound investment decision.

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Novi S
November 2023

I recently had the privilege of working with Owen to secure a mortgage for my dream home, and the experience was nothing short of outstanding. I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service and expertise provided by Owen. I would highly recommend Owen to anyone in need of mortgage services, his commitment to excellence, integrity and personalized care is truly second to none. Owen has made what could have been a stressful process an absolute pleasure. If you are looking for a mortgage broker who will work tirelessly to secure the best possible mortgage for your needs, look no further than Owen Melhuish :-)

Chloe B
February 2024

Carl Mann has been my mortgage broker for the past 2 years and I can't rave enough about him.
He is the most dedicated Mortgage Broker I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years. He is always quick to answer calls and emails and has a high level of understanding/experience and a fabulous way of communicating to me that I always appreciate.

Carl is goal oriented for his clients and personally puts everything he has into every application he puts forward.
I have passed Carl's details onto many people over the 2 year period I have dealt with Carl and they have always come back to me after the fact and said to me how great he was to deal with. Truly a professional of his trade!

Rebecca B
December 2023

Nicola was absolutely amazing to work with and discussed all our options with us. She was very thorough with looking at our spending and the. Helping us to select the right mortgage package for us. She kept us informed every step of the way and most importantly she believed in us and worked tirelessly to help us achieve more financial freedom. I would most definitely work with Nicola again. She understands that things aren’t always easy. She actively listened to us and used her extensive knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Steph D.
November 2023

We would highly recommend Jess and the team for any mortgage related work. We have used them to refix our mortgage, and when selling our house and purchasing again. They made the process as straightforward as it can be, and were able to get documents issued for a very quick turnaround for our sale and purchase. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Werner P.
February 2024

Awesome, I can't say enough, very professional. Ben did an awesome job for me and it was very quick and he is very good at what he does. I will definitely use him when i purchase another property. Thank you again Ben.

Adam W.
December 2023

Cannot say enough good about working with Jack and The Mortgage Supply Co. From start to finish Jack has been professional, pro-active and helpful. We had no real idea about the process of apply for a mortgage or the in's and out's of the whole house buying process, and Jack was there every step of the way to advise us and guide us to a very happy result. 
Would highly recommend his services to anybody who needed them!

Natarsha S.
November 2023

From the moment I spoke with Mel she was incredibly knowledgable and helpful. Her prompt service and ability to make it all so easy was just one of her strengths. I will definitely use Mel again and I highly recommend her, thank you very much.

Melissa W.
January 2024

Rob was fantastic to deal with. He helped us get a new mortgage and re-fix an old mortgage. Great communication, everything was explained thoroughly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him and will use him for all my mortgages in the future. Thanks for all your help Rob!

Brooklyn O.
December 2023

Shayne's communication and flexibility during our experience made the process so easy and enjoyable. Shayne's positivity and commitment to help his clients made such a huge difference from other mortgage brokers that we have worked with in the past. We really enjoyed our experience and would recommend to others :)

Cath T.
December 2024

Vanessa is the most helpful, professional, delightful person we have ever worked with in regards to borrowing money for real estate. Her service and knowledge is exceptional and she has gone out of her way to get us an amazing deal. Her communication is superb. Thoroughly recommend her. Looking forward to dealing with her again.

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