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We’re a helpful lot at The Mortgage Supply Company. Every week we will keep you up to date with current market trends, industry insights and hints and tips.

If you can’t tell your refixing from your refinancing, need tips for selling your first home, or just enjoy a good read; you will find a wealth of knowledge in our blogs and articles.


Property News & Updates

We’re a helpful lot at The Mortgage Supply Company. Every week we will keep you up to date with current market trends, industry insights and hints and tips.

If you can’t tell your refixing from your refinancing, need tips for selling your first home, or just enjoy a good read; you will find a wealth of knowledge in our blogs and articles.

Are You Missing Out on Huge Savings? – When to Refix Your Mortgage

Jessica Pronk | 30 Aug 2017 | Refinancing

When a fixed rate mortgage is coming to the end of the term, your bank will try and determine your new fixed rate (which often is their carded rate) or switch you to a Floating Rate Home Loan. This is[...]
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The regions… a golden opportunity and breathtaking yields at low prices… or a minefield of disappointment, vacancies, high maintenance, low employment and gangs.  Most Auckland residents who invest outside the big smoke do so for two reasons; lower prices and higher yields. This makes perfect sense because if you could achieve the same results in [...]

Taking on a mortgage is a massive decision, for many of us, the biggest financial decision we’ll ever make. However, it is a step in the direction of owning a slice of New Zealand and having an appreciating asset in our back pocket. Due to home loans generally lasting between 25 to 30 years, it [...]

For those that have attended an auction before, you’ll understand that they are unpredictable, stressful yet exhilarating. However, if you are looking at entering the property market, it’s important to get comfortable within the auction environment. Here are several tips that will help you feel comfortable and confident at auction time. Check your approval status [...]

Securing a home loan is by-far the biggest and most impactful financial decision many Kiwi’s will ever encounter. For most, it is a lifetime commitment to their lender for helping them secure a house. Because securing a home loan is such a huge decision it’s critical you fully understand what you are committing to and [...]

For a number of Kiwi’s investing in property is a highly desirable form of investment. And, in today’s climate with house and land prices around the country continuing to rise it can also be quite profitable.   However, investing in property doesn’t come without risks. Like other forms of investment, there is a fine balance [...]

For many prospective first-time home buyers, the process of saving a deposit can be a fairly long and tough road. With house price still at record highs, particularly in our major cities, many prospective buyers may feel it’s a little out of reach. But that may not be the case. Remember, if you have a [...]

With Auckland still in the midst of a housing shortage, a number of prospective buyers are now looking to buy a plot of land and build their home from scratch. While this is an excellent idea, especially with a number of developments popping up all around the cities outskirts, it does bring its own challenges, [...]

Buying your first home is a hugely exciting time in one's life. While you are securing your own slice of New Zealand and an asset that will only increase in value, at the same time, it is also the biggest debt many of us will ever take on. As a result, purchasing your first home [...]

Settlement day, the day you finally get to take hold of your new home. This is a big day for any homeowner and while it may seem like the end of a long process, there are still a few formalities that need to be completed before the keys are handed over. On settlement day there [...]

In New Zealand, we have four main forms of land ownership; freehold, leasehold, unit title and cross lease. If you are looking at buying a new home, it is important you understand what ownership form you will be buying, how it limits future options and how it impacts potential capital gains. Before committing to buying [...]

With the new year now in full swing, for people looking to purchase their first house this year, now is the perfect time to start setting yourself up for success when the right opportunity comes calling. It’s important to remember, that getting into the property market is no small feat. In fact, it is a [...]

With the holidays approaching, a number of us have a couple of well-earned weeks off. While this is a time to relax and spend time with friends and family, for those looking to sell their house early next year, this is the perfect time to embark on a few DIY projects. By spending a few [...]

Renovations are a great way to add significant value to your property if you are looking to put it on the market in the near future. Whether you want to go for a full-scale re-do or a little touch up of some small features, the options are only limited by your budget. Below we talk about [...]

For a number of Kiwi’s, summer is the perfect time to pack up the car, bundle the kids and pets in the back seat and head off on holiday. Whether heading away to our favourite beach, off to visit the family or simply escaping the daily grind, we love our vacation time. However, there is [...]

Jumping into the property market is no small adventure. In fact, for many Kiwis, it is actually the biggest decision and commitment they will ever make. Thus, it is not one to take lightly. But if you take all the right steps, do your due diligence and strike at the right time it could become [...]

When you are on the hunt for a new home, whether it is your first or another in the portfolio, one of the most important factors you need to consider is your LVR. Lenders, regardless of whether they are a bank or another lending institutions, place a large emphasis on your LVR value when assessing [...]

For many Kiwis, owning a house is a massive achievement. Not only does it mean breaking the shackles of paying rent to someone else. But owning a house means you have a highly valuable asset that allows you to start building equity of your own. However, for many, the idea of purchasing a second property [...]

Getting into the property game can be a bit of a scary thing, and, it’s only natural to harbour a few fears or be hesitant about committing to a house. However, if you have discovered a house that you know is perfect, don’t let these fears hold you back. The big question is, how do [...]

With spring in full swing, buyers and sellers alike will be looking forward to the traditional surge in the property market that comes with the warmer months. As 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting and eventful year for the Auckland property market. With a number of key developments and projects either getting started [...]

Last week saw Jacinda Ardern open the front doors and welcome 18 families into the first set of completed KiwiBuild homes. This was a massive day for Kiwi first time home buyers and an even bigger accomplishment for the government. With first-time buyers finding it increasingly difficult to step onto the property ladder, especially in [...]

Securing a home loan that doesn’t require you to over commit yourself or put yourself in a difficult financial position can be a tricky process. However, it can be made even harder if you rush into it and are not fully prepared or aware of the potential hurdles. Not being truthful Lying or not providing [...]

Investing in property is a hugely enticing and exciting idea for a number of Kiwis. However, regardless of whether you are a first-time investor looking to take climb onto the ladder or a seasoned pro looking to grow your portfolio, there are a few common mistakes that can trip people up.   In order to [...]

As purchasing a house is one of the biggest commitments you’ll make in your life, it is critical you do your homework and understand all the various moving parts. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and what information to look for. We understand this is a common issue, especially for [...]

Buying an apartment is quickly becoming a viable and preferred option for many first-time home buyers. As Auckland continues to invest in more apartment buildings, as a way of compensating for its housing shortage, don’t be surprised if apartment living becomes increasingly common. If you are looking at purchasing an apartment, make sure you are [...]

Auctions can be are a very intense way of buying a house, and for many prospective buyers, they can be intimidating. For one they highly unpredictable, one moment you may be a three-count away from securing the home of your dreams and the next someone undercuts you. However, they are also a very simple and [...]

Building a profitable and manageable investment portfolio boils down to doing your due diligence and being fully prepared. Thus, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned property investor or you’re looking to take the first steps, it is important you take the time to get a full picture of what is viable for you.   Below [...]

As a first-time home buyer, it is only natural to have a million and one questions about the process. With common questions ranging from how big should my deposit be? Can I use my KiwiSaver? How do I apply for a loan and what additional cover can I get? While there is a raft of [...]

Despite the fact that New Zealand is currently experiencing relatively low-interest rates, mortgage stress is something that a number of Kiwi homeowners experience. Mortgage stress is an issue that can impact any homeowner, regardless of whether they are seasoned investors or first-time homeowners. Managing a home loan is stressful, no matter how big it is [...]

Submitting a formal offer on a house is actually a very straightforward task. It generally entails formalising the offer in writing and submitting it to the vendor's agent. However, there are always a few tips and tricks that can help to differentiate your offer from the competition. If you are serious about a house, don’t [...]

Whether you are a first-time landlord or a seasoned property investor building your portfolio, one of the key questions to be asked is, should you engage the services of a professional property manager? As investment decisions are based on numbers, rental return and yields, many new property investors think they will save significantly by managing [...]

Investing in property isn’t about buying a house and then having it sit there looking pretty. The whole point of it is to have it generating income and hopefully pay for itself. The biggest part of this is getting suitable tenants into the house. But, how do you know when you’ve found tenants that you [...]

Selling a house isn’t as easy as putting up the for sale sign and waiting for the offers to roll in. It is often a tricky and time-consuming process, that if mishandled could result in you missing out on thousands of dollars. The role of a real estate agent involves more than running an auction [...]

Chances are unless you found your dream home the first time around, you will eventually look to move on from your current house. There are countless reasons why we choose to move houses. Whether we are looking to upsize, our family’s growing or simply after a change of scenery. The reasons will vary for everyone. [...]

Planning to sell your home? Think twice before you decide to build a lavish new pool or install an industrial kitchen. These luxury extras don’t appeal to everyone and could just add cost rather than add value to your property. However, renovating your house to upgrade the everyday features before resale is a great way [...]

It is never too early to enter the property game. As the property market, especially Auckland's, continues to get more competitive and expensive, it is never too early to start looking at your options. As a young person looking to step onto the property ladder, it can be easy to get sidetracked or discouraged. However, [...]

There is nothing like owning your own home. Not only is it the ultimately Kiwi dream but it also provides you with a stable investment that will continue to increase in value over time. However, purchasing a home is also a massive financial investment. One that will be with you for the better part of [...]

Selling your house is a bold decision. Whether it’s your family home where memories have been made or moving on from an investment, selling your house can be a tricky and often emotional process. One of the most important aspects of this process is your ability to generate interest in the property. Ideally leading to [...]

Over the last several days, the government has released a fairly damning report concerning the current testing of houses for methamphetamines. In a report commissioned by the Housing Minister, Phil Twyford, it has been shown that people are unlikely to suffer health issues from third-hand meth usage. In other words, the potential risks from living [...]

Buying or selling a property will be one of the biggest decisions many Kiwis make. However, how many of us actually know the ins and outs of the process? Employing the services of a quality property lawyer, one who is experienced and that you trust, will be hugely beneficial. With the process generally being highly [...]

Just as you sign the contract, finalise your mortgage and get the keys to your new home, you may be forgiven for seeing light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is one more major step to go - moving. Moving can be a highly stressful time, with a number of moving parts and [...]

Many Kiwis see entering the investment game as a good way to build a little nest egg to secure their financial future. Investing in property is considered to be a relatively safe investment, as you’re purchasing a physical asset that can actively be managed and improved. With increasing house values and the demand for the [...]

Finding your dream home is an amazing feeling. There is nothing quite like walking through the front door of a house that you know is perfect for your family. That’s until you realise that your driveway actually belongs to your neighbour and it has hundreds of dollars in unpaid rates owing. If this has happened [...]

Before you submit an offer and hand the deposit over to your new home, make sure you have a pre-purchase inspection carried out. This will provide you with a detailed report on the state of the house and uncover any defects that may have been missed at viewings. It doesn’t matter how old or new [...]

In an Auckland housing market that is incredibly fierce and often hard to enter, purchasing an apartment could be a good option for first-time buyers. Apartment living may not be for everyone but, for people wanting a taste of city living or looking for a more affordable entry into the property market, buying an apartment [...]

Obviously, we all want to make a tidy little return when selling our home. However, there are a number of factors which may hurt the attractiveness of your house to potential buyers. Here are 8 issues to watch out for, which could negatively affect the value of your house. The suburb When buying a property, [...]

There will generally come a time when you and your family will consider packing up and moving on. Whether your family requires more space, an exciting job opportunity arises, an unforeseen reason or simply wanting to cash-in on your investment, there are many factors that may cause you to consider selling. Whatever your reason for [...]

Are you ready to buy your dream house? Diving into the property market is a huge decision but also an exciting one. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or a new addition to the portfolio, the process of buying a house is a lengthy and complicated one. To ensure you get your desired house [...]

Buying a house and taking on a home loan is a massive decision but an exciting one as well! Once you’ve committed to searching for your dream home, your next step should be to get your home-loan pre-approved. So before you start house hunting and planning a housewarming, make sure all your affairs are in [...]

As a nation known for its independence and ability to just get things done, most Kiwis fancy their abilities with the tools. Whether it’s doing a kitchen refurb or knocking together the perfect man cave, it’s almost inherent that if we want something, we do it ourselves. So it comes as no surprise that building [...]

Finding a first home that perfectly suits your lifestyle and fits your requirements should be a fun and exciting time. It will also be one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Careful planning and an understanding of the options available to you is critical. This will ensure you are in the best possible [...]

So you’ve found that dream home and now you’re looking to finance the purchase. This is a critical junction in your life. Committing to a home loan will be a decision that will affect you and your family for a good part of your life - lucky you if it doesn’t. There are plenty of [...]

For most Kiwis, a mortgage will be the biggest financial commitment of their life. It can be the most daunting aspect of buying a home but if you plan and manage your finances carefully, it doesn’t have to be such a burden. However, sometimes life throws a curveball, and for many, they don’t have the […]

For many New Zealanders, being able to purchase a home is a lifelong dream. Last month we discussed the pros and cons of purchasing leasehold for those looking for an affordable option to step onto the property ladder (link to blog). For most prospective buyers, purchasing freehold property is the preferred option. So to help [...]

Purchasing a property should be an exciting time, whether it’s your first home or an investment property. However, before you are able to take ownership of your new property you must navigate the buying and selling process. There are several methods of buying property in New Zealand including auction, tender, private sale or buying at [...]

Owning a home is a wonderful dream but unfortunately not a reality for many Aucklanders. With the average Auckland property still costing just over $1m people are looking for more affordable ways to get a piece of the property pie. Buying leasehold may seem like the golden ticket to getting on the property ladder, but [...]

A designer home does not need to cost you dinner for the next three months. There are many creative ways to freshen up your home and add value. Fortunately, the internet is abundant with how to videos and creative, bespoke ideas -  it just takes a little time and lots of creativity. Here are eight [...]

Investing in property can set you up for a sound future, but it’s not an easy journey. Whether you are leveraging the equity in your home for a passive income, or planning an entire development, property investment should be treated like any business; with careful planning and execution. At The Mortgage Supply Company, we have [...]

Buying a house is an exciting time, but through all the sunshine and rainbows, there is a huge financial commitment that is extremely difficult to back out of once the offer becomes unconditional - even if the small crack in the kitchen ceiling is now a direct entrance to the bedroom. Unlike most purchases, home [...]

Sometimes life throws at us the unexpected. The loss of a job or the arrival of a new family member can have a big impact on our ability to keep on top of our mortgage repayments. If you are struggling to make your next payment or have already defaulted on your home loan, get in [...]

At The Mortgage Supply, we understand that buying a house can be confusing. We’re not all fluent in housing jargon so a fun and exciting time in your life could soon turn frustrating. Luckily, I am property fluent and have compiled an A to Z for your reference. Or you could just pick up the [...]

In recent times, traditional banks have visibly tightened their credit policy - 90% lending is mostly unavailable. But Lending under 80% is also assessed under a painfully conservative criteria which has ended up penalising the very buyers RBNZ sought to protect when they introduced LVR restrictions. Despite well lauded initiatives like the “Welcome Home Loan”, [...]

Revolving Credit Facility. What is it and when is a good idea to have one? David Windler brings you all the answers. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

David Windler brings you the latest market updates. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

We never said buying a home was easy. Jessica Pronk has some great tips for the first home buyer. More blogs Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

Last week I brought you the answers to the most commonly asked questions by first-time house hunters. This week we will look at the questions you need to be asking once you have found your perfect home. Buying a house is an exciting time but it’s important that you leave the emotion at the door [...]

The property market may have softened over the last six months, but with the average house price still over $900,000, buying in Auckland may seem like an unattainable dream. Under the current LVR restrictions, home owner-occupier lending requires a 20 percent deposit*. So, if you aren’t earning over three times the average household income, or [...]

What’s happening in the Auckland housing market? Will the Political candidates help the situation? David Windler gives you the inside knowledge and how he can help secure you a mortgage in tremulous times.      

When a fixed rate mortgage is coming to the end of the term, your bank will try and determine your new fixed rate (which often is their carded rate) or switch you to a Floating Rate Home Loan. This is great for convenience, but unfortunately it could mean you are missing out on huge savings. [...]

Buying your first home is an exciting yet confusing time. With all the jargon being thrown around, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in a sea of acronyms. What mortgage do you get? What even is a mortgage? Can you decipher your DTI from your LVR? To help you out during the process, we [...]

Borrowing against a property is likely to be the biggest debt you will have looming over your head. Literally. Through the excitement of finding your first home and independence it will bring, there will be bills, repairs, and an ongoing payment which may mean you have to reevaluate your lifestyle for a while.  Fortunately, there [...]

David Windler from The Mortgage Supply offers some great advice to get a mortgage if you're self employed. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

If you are thinking of building to get on the property ladder, watch this advice from David Windler. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

If you are one of the lucky few, saving comes naturally. For others, it is a big challenge! Whether you are saving for a new home, a holiday in Bali or even a rainy day, these helpful tips from the Mortgage Supply will get you on the right track. What do you spend your money [...]

Credit tightening from the banks has slowed down property investment, but there is a way around this. David Windler talks to us about investing in the current market and how you can still get finance.   More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

David Windler offers more expert advice - This week, 'Buying Privately'. Your Content here More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

When buying a house, the biggest challenge should be deciding which one. Paper work, confusing advice and countless loan comparisons will only add to the burden of what should be an exciting process. When you make the big decision to buy, you will be faced with two options – deal with the banks and other [...]

Buying at an Auction Video: Buying at an auction can be a nervous and stressful time – particularly if it’s your first. David Windler takes you through the process. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

You have just bought your dream property with a spacious garden and quiet neighbours…..or so you thought. What happens when your neighbour’s tree encroaches on your property or their cat mistakes your garden for its litter tray? What are your rights and how can you avoid neighbour wars? Certificate of Title for the property Before [...]

KiwiSaver for First Home Buyers Video: Are you confused about KiwiSaver and your first home purchase? David Windler offers great advice in this short video. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

With the Reserve Bank imposing on all banks to adhere to Loan to Value Ratio’s of a 40% deposit for investment properties, it’s unlikely that most people will ever get to expand their assets by saving for another deposit.  If you have a home and a mortgage and would like to buy an investment property, [...]

Buying an Apartment in Auckland. Video: David Windler offers more great advice on the housing market. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

An auction is a popular method of purchasing a property, but for the first timer, it can be a daunting experience. You may be overwhelmed by the excitement of getting your hands on your dream property or forced to silence by the ferocious tactics of the seasoned investors. Auctions are unpredictable which is why you [...]

The Auckland Housing Market Video : David Windler keeps you up to date. More by David Windler Become Mortgage-Free Faster by Following These Simple Tips

Sale and Purchase Agreements Buying or selling your house is a big deal – it is likely to be the largest transaction you’ll ever make, so it’s nice to have the reassurance of a legal document to protect both parties.  A Sale and Purchase Agreement is essentially a contract that outlines all the terms and [...]

To buy, or to build, that is the question.  If you are ready to make the big move, you will be faced with many important choices. There are pros and cons to both options and they should be carefully evaluated before committing to your next chapter. Advantages to buying an existing home There are two [...]

Selling your first house is a time consuming and emotionally challenging transaction. This is your castle which you have invested in and ruled. Now, a hoard of people pass through, rummage in cupboards, insult your décor and then offer you less money than you know your house is worth. The housing market is based on [...]

We know New Zealand is a great country to live in and there are some great New Zealand mortgage brokers here for anyone buying within our beautiful country. A mortgage broker can be your trusted adviser providing introductions and connections to help you with the whole process of buying a home or an investment property [...]

Should you rent or buy a home? It’s a question that can affect every aspect of your life, so it’s a pretty major decision. Buying a home after renting a long time changes where you live, your commute time, social connections, and past times. If you do it right, buying a house won’t shred your budget [...]

If you are planning to buy a house or refinance your  home loan in 2017, you’ll want to check your credit rating and look for ways to improve it. The higher your score, the better you look to a mortgage lender, and the more likely you’ll qualify for the home loan you want, at the best [...]

A property investor is a knowledgeable client who needs a high level of service from their mortgage broker. They want to work with advisers who have experience  working in the property investment segment of the market. They need someone who understands their challenges and is experienced handling complex mortgage lending scenarios. At Mortgage Supply Company one of [...]

The property market is still in hot debate but now the pressing question is - has it taken a swing in favour of property buyers? The consensus between real estate agents and buyers is that the property market has slowed significantly. At this stage, we have not seen house prices drop but there are more [...]

The proportion of entry-level sales increased sharply in Auckland in January, evidence that first home buyers are returning to the real estate market in Auckland now prices have dipped and investors are looking elsewhere. The median house price in January dropped 5 per cent to $760,000 compared to December, Barfoot & Thompson’s figures show. This [...]

A lot of borrowers are wondering if they should pay a break fee to refinance their mortgage at a lower rate. Over the last few years, mortgage rates have plummeted to some of the lowest ever seen. Whether or not you should refinance depends on several factors, including how long you plan to stay in the [...]

A recent analysis shows quarterly New Zealand mortgage lending growth and bank profits increased but overall lending  is facing headwinds from a highly competitive environment. PwC’s December analysis of  five major New Zealand banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac) shows  last quarter  profits are up by  $11 million compared to the second quarter of [...]

Fixed mortgage rates could decline in the coming months after the Reserve Bank signaled it may have to cut the official cash rate (OCR) again later this year. The Reserve Bank held the OCR at 2.5 per cent this week but says further easing  may be required over the coming year to keep inflation within […]

As Auckland’s property market slows, home sales in the regions are cracking: that’s the big news in the real estate market. We’ve seen a big increase mortgage loan applications for homes in the regions as investors move beyond Auckland. But it’s not just investors – many Auckland residents are cashing up to purchase a larger […]

Are you a first home buyer or looking for a change in the house you have?  You will have plenty of company, with low interest rates and high immigration keeping home buyer demand high in New Zealand in 2016. Whether you are up-sizing, down-sizing or moving to a different neighbourhood, your first step is deciding how […]

Looking to buy your first home in Auckland? You are not alone – the percentage of first home buyers in the Auckland real estate market is increasing. Right now, there are several factors in your favour: greater access to KiwiSaver funds for first home purchases, record low interest rates and reduced competition in Auckland – [...]

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